Violent Street Thug SPARKED!!! By Burger King Employee. “I’m A Gangsta!”

Sometimes you visit the local McDonald’s or Burger King fast food joint and the employee taking your order has an attitude. Most people shrug it off and go about their day, but not this guy. The man in the green shirt who’s claiming to be a “Thug, Gangsta” doesn’t tolerate bad attitudes. The video begins mid chaos, as the thug is screaming at the Burger King employee who’s hiding in the kitchen. He yells “Don’t be a snitch” and starts cursing at her. Eventually a male employee comes to her rescue and takes him out.

After he wakes up, someone arrives with a tazer and lets him have it a few more times. The man still is being a problem and continues to get tazed. Later he finally leaves. Check it out.

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