Tyrone grabs a wife and has no choice but to throw hands with her husband


We assume you’ve heard of internet sensation ‘Tyrone’ by now. We’ve covered him before. Namely, the muscled, abrasive, social media star’s embarrassing ‘celebrity’ boxing match against fellow former Vine star Big Brody. Tyrone, who became famous for his “I’m here to f**k your wife” catchphrase, recently explained in an interview the impetus of the character.


“A big, Black aggressive man with a du-rag and Chucks with no socks on, running around saying he wanna f*** your wife long d*** style – dude, I mean, how could you not laugh?”

He also revealed that the craziest reaction he’d ever had was from his friends grandma.

“So his grandma didnt know I was gonna do it. So when I went and set it, the grandma slapped the sh*t out of me. For real, I was like damn nobodies ever really done that to me.”


Tyrone, real name Naphil Hitson, has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and had more than 100,000 on Vine before the platform shut down in 2016. Hitson is also an R&B singer, having been part of the Philadephia-based group Grand Arson before embarking on a online entertainment career.


The Tyrone character returned recently, getting up to the same hijinx that saw him become famous online. Tyrone also finds himself accosted by a woman after he utters his catchphrase in front her and her husband. Tyrone then taunts the man saying: “What you gonna do? you Jamie Fox-looking Motherf*cker”


Tyrone also appears to have to throw hands at one point, after insulting a labourer. “F*ck this minimum-wage looking motherf*ker.” However, we also see Tyrone’s charitable side, as he gives money to the homeless while telling the camera. “If ya’ll dont contribute, and give to the homeless, I’m gonna f**k your wives, long d*ck style.” Maybe if Hitson’s R&B career had taken off how he had hoped we would not have had to endure more of Tyrone’s antics in the public.

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