Two Bikers Accidentally Enter Area-51 and What Happened Next Went Viral.

If you are a conspiracy theories fan, then you have probably heard of Area 51. It is not known what Area 51 purpose is, but many believe that the US government is hiding something inside the base.


Area 51 is located in the Nevada desert. An unmarked road leads to the front gate of the base. Trespassers are often fooled by the chain link fence and the trespassing signs, but Area 51 is heavily guarded and is under watch every single second of the day.

Apparently, what was meant to be a secret, became a tourist attraction. Many people feel daunted by the base and decide to come and visit it. However, visitors are not welcome and are chased away by the military.

We have found a video of two bikers who are confronted by the guards of Area 51.


Apparently, the bikers were driving along the unmarked road and discovered a back entrance to the base. As they are driving by a vehicle approaches. The vehicle is driving slowly and focuses on the bikers. As the vehicle approaches, we can hear one of the bikers saying: “camo-dudes”. Fortunately, the vehicle does not stop and passes the bikers.

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