TV Reporter Refuses To Release Ronda Rousey During Choke Demo Gone Wrong

Do you guys remember the time an Australian TV reporter choked Ronda Rousey and didn’t let go when she tapped? They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and that expression can be seen in action in this clip when a naive young reporter is shown how to perform a choke but doesn’t know to stop choking when someone taps. While appearing on Australian news show A Current Affair in the run up to her infamous UFC 193 clash with Holly Holm, Ronda performed some demonstrations, as she does during most of her media obligations.

The reporter is clearly new to the world of combat sports; decked out in a dress and heels, she asks “Do we have to get into other gear?” Rousey laughs and tells her “You can wear whatever you want, I’m getting changed.” In what was a refreshing change, Ronda allows the TV reporter to then attempt some of her newly learned moves on her. The reporter puts Rousey in a choke hold but clearly has no understanding or appreciation for MMA and fails to let go when Ronda taps her on the arm. For a moment, you can see the look in Ronda’s eyes as she struggles with the choke.

Rousey gently rebukes the reporter, explaining that “You stop when the other person taps”. The reporter responds by asking her “Can you please tap?” to which Rousey patiently replies “I tapped.” The embarrassed reporter finally releases her grip on the UFC superstar and Rousey had the good grace to at least see the humour in the situation. Rowdy is set to make her UFC comeback against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on December 30th. She will attempt to regain the bantamweight crown that she lost to Holm at UFC 193 and has since been tossed around like a hot potato. Right now everyone’s sights are firmly set on UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden on November 12 but that clash is one hell of a way to round off a special year in the UFC’s history!


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