“Tough Guy” Tries To Impress His Girl By Throwing Hands With MMA Fighter

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Most people know that fighting a nightclub bouncer / security guard is generally a bad idea. The fact that these guys are paid to keep trouble makers under control generally increases the probability that they will have engaged in some sort of self defense training. The fact that most people will be at a size disadvantage doesn’t help matters either (not that size is everything – but it certainly counts). The guy in this video was either too silly or had to big an ego to walk away from a situation that had developed, and the video begins with the shirtless reveler walking across the road in an attempt to pick a fight with a bearded, bald headed bouncer.

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As he gets closer it becomes ever more apparent that he’s at a major size disadvantage compared to the bouncer, which is most certainly a factor when skill levels are equivalent (and a HUGE handicap if he is a superior martial artist as well). Some more sensible individuals can be heard warning the shirtless guy against getting physical, but he ignores this advice and throws a feint at the bouncer. No there has been engagement, there can be no turning back down now and the pair square up. The shirtless guy then feels things out and throws out a couple of jabs that is followed by a wild hay-maker that the bounces counters with a really nice shoulder roll and it misses him by a mile.

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That leaves him wide open to a counter, and sure enough the bouncer responds immediately with a short right hand that drops the tough guy where he stands, landing in an untidy heap onto the road. To his credit the bouncer doesn’t follow up with any further strikes to the grounded troublemaker, but he does opt to subdue him there so that he won’t lash out again. As such, as the troublemaker attempts to get to his knees, the bouncer is able to trap both of his arms, one between his legs and one using his arm and flatten him out.

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That leaves his humiliated attacker completely powerless to do anything as he squirms like a child underneath the bouncer, who casually lies across him with one hand propping his head up like it’s no big deal. In hindsight, hopefully the troublemaker will have learned that street fighting in general is a bad idea and should be avoided unless you are left with no other option, while purposefully picking a fight with a huge bouncer is just an exercise in sheer stupidity that won’t end well!

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