Things Get Wild & Weird When This Kid’s Mother Finds His Adult Collection

As many millennial’s make the reluctant decision to move back in with the folds to save a bit of coin, it becomes clear very quickly, how accustomed they have become to certain freedoms around the house. Namely the freedoms of solo-sexual expression that are only afforded when living out of home. Constantly keeping one ear open for Mum’s footsteps, or, heaven forbid, being called for dinner is enough to ruin the mental sanctuary that is created when settling down for a sneaky five-knuckle shuffle.

But we all remember what it was like to be a total rookie at that particular game. Our parents would reminisce with fondness, their secret stash of literature stowed under the mattress. Then with the advent of the internet, we would traipse through our browser histories and cookies, covering our tracks, lest Dad types in “www.y” and the auto-fill revealed our dirtiest in all its filthy glory. Such is the nature of this video clip that has gone viral.

Posted by his own sister, and with a million views on twitter. What a great sister! Bet he’s going to thank her for that in the future.. The 13-year-old subject, sporting a classic popped collar polo shirt in understandably mortified when his internet browsing history is revealed not just by his mum, but in front of the whole family! Imagine the shame! He’s lucky not to be scared into never self-gratifying again!

This video was some months ago now, I kind of wonder how his home life is, how his school life is. If his classmates saw the vid and have given him endless amounts of sh*t about it. Who knows, but this is life’s interesting questions. Maybe he needs his own tv show. I’d watch. He hysterically defends himself from the allegations but his shrill shrieks are met with laughter from the assembled family.

At one point his reaction seems so genuine that we start to believe he may have actually been set up by his family. But after we stop and think, we remember and smile at a time when we have been caught in the act and agree that this kid is guilty as hell. Lesson learned: not to abstain from indulging himself, but to make sure to delete his full history after he wipes himself and his keyboard down.