They’re Calling Him ‘The Next Conor McGregor’

We have become accustomed to physical exchanges being the way that some people choose to deal with their problems. Despite being illegal to fight in the street, this is what comes naturally and people really don’t seem to care about the law when they have a beef to settle. The clip below shows an altercation that is taking place on a downtown street in broad daylight. It is unusual to have such a display take place in such a busy location.

It’s not very often that a fight stops traffic, but this one literally did. We don’t know what the hell these two are fighting about. We don’t know why their beef has spilt out onto the streets, and we sure as hell don’t know why they have both disrobed their top halves! What we do know is that they are both angry and both ready to fight.

The clip opens with the two men, one black, one white getting into position in the middle of a busy city road. The traffic has come to a crawl but it is still not the safest location to throw down. They both jump around, loosening up and getting prepared in fighting stance. They both are in pretty amazing shape and look like they can handle themselves.

It isn’t long, however, before we discover that the white guy is a bit more accomplished. He slips through the black guy’s nonexistent defence land the old Left-right-goodnight. Interestingly, has he clouts his opponent with a solid right hook, his hat goes flying away whilst he holds suspended, stiff as a board before crashing to the bitumen. His arms remain aloft in the classic ‘praise Mary’ position and we know that this guy is off in la-la land.

The camera approaches the man’s limp body as the traffic diverts around him. The white guy has been dubbed the next Conor McGregor by the internet on account of his pasty Irish appearance.

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