The Real Life Ryu Re-Creates Street Fighter Car Damage Bonus Stage!

If you were a kid who enjoyed playing video games then you probably have heard of the game Street Fighter. If you really were into the game you surely reached the bonus car stage where you crash a car using only your hands and feet. The more damaged the car was the higher the score.


As it appears, Paul “The Kickboxing Machine” Wordsworth who is a martial artist tried the bonus stage in real life. He recorded himself while crushing a Volkswagen Golf just like in the video game bonus stage.

Paul “The Kicking Machine” Wordsworth is no amateur, he is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and a Kickboxing Instructor. Paul also studies Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA and holds the title of a British Champion.

Wordsworth start totaling the car from the hood, he first kicks and then punches the hood until the cover is detached. Then he proceeds to break the lights and breaking the cover where the license plate stands. Wordsworth then starts kicking the front window with his Achilles. Surprisingly he manages to shatter the whole window in only 3 kicks. Finally, he totals the front window with a few punches and kicks.

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