The Ominous 24 Hours Leading Up To The Conor McGregor “Bus Meltdown”

The day that will go down in history, April 5th 2018, the day that Conor McGregor and an army of Irish thugs stormed the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, New York searching for a Russian named Khabib Nurmagomedov. These are the ominous 24 hours that led up to that event according to the New York Post, The Sun and a teammate of Conor McGregor who wanted to remain nameless.

McGregor already had a private jet set to go to New York the morning of the 5ht morning as he was scheduled to appear at the UFC’s 25th Anniversary press conference the following day. Conor had been drinking and partying the entire day and night before when some of his teammates and friends seen the footage of Artem being ganged up on by more than 10 Russians in the hotel hallway.

Some of Conor’s friends, Notorious Irish Gangsters who were partying with McGregor at the time when they all decided to leave earlier and give Khabib a beating. Conor and the Gangster took a photo together that spread through the internet like wildfire:

The picture shows Conor with Dublin gangster brothers Andrew and Jonathan Murray, who have 66 convictions between them. Conor wearing dark shades and black gloves signaling he’s ready for action. They gathered 15 or so of the wildest thugs they could find on the private jet, turned up the 2pac song “when I ride on my enemies” and flew to New York and the rest is history.

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