That Time Superman Had To Beat The Brakes Off A Homeless Dude…

Everyone wants to dress up as a superhero and save the world from crime. Surprisingly, 2 guys did that and were successful. Although they did not save the world from crime, they retrieved a stolen bag. From the streets of Las Vegas, a video occurred that shows a man dressed as Superman beating up a homeless man.


At the start of the video, we can see Superman holding the homeless man and throwing devastating elbows to his head. The elbow throwing continues for 10 seconds until the homeless man manages to push Superman.

At this point, as if Superman was not enough, Batman walks in. Although Batman is not doing anything, he is here for moral support. The guy dressed as Superman has the homeless man in a headlock until the homeless man finally gives up and falls down. But when the homeless man was falling down he has still had Superman in his grip and pulled him down. Superman threatened the homeless man with a punch and stood up.

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