Suspended Former UFC Champ Fabricio Werdum: ‘USADA Begged Me To Snitch’

Ever since the USADA revealed last week that former UFC champ and two time steroid offender Jon Jones has taken advantage of the ‘snitching clause’ and has been providing “Substantial Assistance” to get a reduced sentence, fighters have been coming out with their stories about USADA.

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Pride FC, UFC and Kickboxing legend Mirko Cro Cop claimed he was offered a reduced sentence as well but he would never go down the snitching path.

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum sat down with Combate Americas where he discussed what happened when he was in a 5 hour interrogation with USADA:

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Fabricio Werdum:
“What surprised me the most was at the end of the interview, it was something that I found absurd, Werdum, here’s the thing: If you tell on someone …’ It was what you could call ‘delacao premiada’ (plea bargain). ‘Werdum, if you tell on someone’ – using the slang, if you’re a snitch – ‘we’ll shorten your suspension. Because you’re going to have to pay something. Even if we find the substance in any of the products we test, even if we find it, you’ll have to pay something.’

“… For the guy to make me an offer like that, to snitch on someone, that goes against my principles. I can’t tell on someone. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t do it. How am I going to snitch on someone to make it better for me, to lower my suspension or whatever? I could never step foot back in Brazil as a rat! I felt like a criminal, actually, I know I didn’t do anything, but it felt like I was a criminal, like (I was talking to) the police. Two USADA guys, a detective analyzing me all the time. Both were USADA. I felt so bad, you know? Like, I didn’t do anything. Why am I doing this? And it lasted five hours. There even came a point when they were like, ‘Werdum, let’s rest a little. Do you want to rest?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t want to rest. I want to answer whatever you ask – I have nothing to hide.’”

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