Student Sucker Punches The Wrong Teacher And Gets WWE Power Bombed

Teachers play an important role in the upbringing of the world’s youth. By facilitating educative learning and life lessons, teachers are charged with the paramount task of making sure young people grow up to be functioning adult members of society. But from time to time, as we have seen and all remember, teachers display their human and even primitive sides and go completely off the rails. Fond memories of teachers throwing chairs at talkative students spring to mind but the line was usually drawn well before throwing the actual students.

But as you see in the video below, the main protagonist, a class teacher in a blue shirt, has a lot of trouble controlling his rage. Granted the kid started it, but we expect teachers to possess more decorum than their adolescent counterparts. The teacher and the student are obviously having a disagreement about some of the finer points of Shakespeare or suchlike when the student rises from his desk and confronts his teacher head on. The two argue before the student loses his cool and pushes the teacher violently. After a little bit of push and shove, the teacher goes full one wrestle-mania on the student, bending down to grab him below the waist.

From here, he picks him up and throws him over his head. Yes, you read correctly… throws him over his head. The Student crashes into a desk and bounces onto the floor. But the crazy teacher isn’t even close to being done. Whilst the student is getting up from the floor, he begins swinging. We aren’t talking about some little love-taps here, he is going for it. Some of his blows connect with the student’s face. It is up to other classmates to intervene and separate the two. But even as they are being kept apart they struggle to continue the fight.

It is not known exactly what became of the situation, but the social media consensus is that the teacher should receive some serious punishment. What transpired in the clip was an assault on a minor and not in any sense appropriate behavior for a grown man. See the madness unfold on the player below.

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