Student Air Lifted To ER After Fighting The Best Wrestler In The State

As teachers get older they become more and more out of touch with their students as the generations progress. We see their state of dress deteriorate, their health declines and their general attitude towards education and guiding the world’s youth slip to somewhere between apathy and disdain. This phenomenon is on display in the video below where the teacher does little to try to break up a savage tussle between two students at the front of his class. We start during a particularly dry maths class with the two boys right up in each other’s grill, each daring the other to throw the first punch.

There is a kid in a white hoodie who is a bit bigger than the bloke in the shorts. But rest assured, despite his size disadvantage, he knows how to handle himself! All of a sudden it’s on! The kid in the white hoodie gets the upper hand early on engaging the other kid in a headlock of sorts whilst punching him in the head. He really looks like he’s going to knock the kid out. The class is well into it too, yelling, screaming and egging the two on.

It isn’t long before the kid in the shorts has wriggled himself loose and gotten himself positioned behind his opponent. You see, in addition to being a mediocre mathematician, we are told he is also a state champion wrestler. Not one you want to mess with! From his rear hold, the wrestler executes a perfect pickup and body slam which takes a great deal of sting out of the kid in the white hoodie.

But after a few shots to the head, he picks him up and does the same thing again much to the delight of the assembled class. The teacher finally sees the din after turning his back and noting that this is not your average school fight. He makes a few tired calls for them to cease, but the wrestler has all but annihilated the other kid. See the classroom mayhem below.

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