Stand Up Comedian Throws Hands With Disrespectful Audience Member On Stage

Being a stand-up comedian is a hard gig: besides the fact that it’s a lot of work for (usually) sh*tty pay, comedians often have to put up with drunken idiots in the audience who somehow get it into their heads that everyone is just dying to hear their witty musings. That’s bad enough but every now and again, sh*t really gets out of hand. Take, for example, American comic Steve Brown who probably wishes he only got heckled during a Sunday night set at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina.

Steve was in the middle of his set when, out of nowhere, a random dude in the audience jumped onstage and went berserk, attacking Steve with the microphone stand and a stool. The agile comic ducked and weaved for at least 30 seconds before other members of the audience came to his aid and attempted to subdue the maniac, who was eventually taken outside before making a dramatic, (and shirtless) reappearance. Steve escaped the ordeal unharmed but later took to social media to criticise the club for its lack of security.

He wrote the following caption under his Instagram post:

“First off let me start by saying Thanks for the calls and messages from friends, fans and my family. With that being said, let me say this. This unprovoked attacked that happened to me tonight is a reminder of why these comedy clubs should have well equipped PROFESSIONAL security to protect us entertainers who bring their club so much money. I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to Bob and weave because this could have ended in [a] horrible way.”

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation and have already detained the suspect. They reported that four people at the club (not including Steve) were injured and want to press charges. One of the victims is a security guard who says that he got punched in the face before the suspect sped off in a car.

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