Smoking Hot Girl sucker punches a guy, his response divided the Internet.

In this video you see an argument between a woman and her boyfriend get extremely violent. There is no info on why the argument began but the woman just begins to open fire on her boyfriend. The woman is visibly upset and mentions that he called her a pussy during her beat down. “I didn’t say anything,” he said as he attempts to walk away. “Yes, you did b*tch, what’s up?” she responds. She attempts to get him to hit her back and his response is brilliant.



A sucker punch (American English), also known as a coward punch, or cold-cock (American English), is a punch made without warning or while the recipient is distracted, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. It is often thrown from behind—such as in the ‘knockout game’—although striking from behind is not a prerequisite for a sucker punch. The term is generally used in situations where the way in which the punch has been delivered is considered unfair or unethical, and is done using deception or distraction, hence the term ‘sucker’ used to refer to the victim. While the one hit punch or king hit (Australian English) is a different style of one-on-one fighting where the recipient is knocked out in one punch—that is, pitting one individual against another. It can be considered a sucker punch when the recipient is not expecting it, or if they are unevenly matched by weight, which some people use to help strengthen the amount of force used.

Sucker punches tend to be done after employing distraction tactics such as pretending to notice something to trick the victim into looking also, having an accomplice to distract the victim, looking away to get the victim’s guard down, or pretending to walk away only to turn around and deliver the strike. As sucker punches rely on deception they can often be anticipated using methods such as. Sucker punches are commonly performed using either a hook-type punch, or a haymaker-type punch, as these are more damaging than straight shots due to the increased distance traveled thus enabling more time for acceleration.

In boxing, a sucker punch—as is done when ‘hitting on the break’, for example—is illegal. For example, when James Butler knocked Richard Grant unconscious after losing a fight to him on points, his license was suspended.[1] Because sucker punches come unexpectedly, people at risk of such blows must be alert to the proximity of potential opponents. During 2013 and 2014, significant media attention was paid to two violent killings involving one-hit punches in Australia.[3][4] Noting that 91 people had died in Australia in the previous four years from brain trauma as a result of being king hit, a media campaign was launched to refer to them as coward punches.[5][6] This campaign was supported by the New South Wales Government.

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