Shocking moment mother shaves daughter’s head for bullying cancer patient

Unfortunately, bullying is just a part of growing up. There’s probably nobody reading this that can honestly say they have never bullied anyone or been bullied themselves. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life and standing up to a bully can be a defining moment in a young person’s upbringing. Even if they get their ass kicked, the self-confidence derived from sticking up for themselves can be life altering.

But what if the bullied victim is unable to stand up for themselves? And what if you’re the parent of the bully? Would you just shrug your shoulders and reason that it’s just a part of growing up, or would you do something to teach the little sh*t a lesson?

Well, that’s exactly what this mum decides to do when she finds out that her daughter has been bullying a kid with cancer who had gone bald as a result of chemotherapy. After discovering what she had been doing, the mum decided to let her daughter know what it feels like to be bald and humiliated by shaving her head and uploading a video of her doing it to Facebook for all to see.

The girl screams and pleads while covering her face in shame as huge clumps of her long black hair crash to the ground. Something tells me she will be leaving that kid the fu*k alone from this point forward! Since posting with the title This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her Mom decided to shave her head, this video has gone viral and been shared on various social media sites.

The clip has had a mixed response from viewers with some praising the mum while others claim that she went too far. What do you guys think? Did mum overstep the mark or was this an appropriate response, considering the fact that her daughter was bullying a kid with cancer?


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