Shocking moment mother shaves daughter’s head for bullying cancer patient

Kids these days have it easy. Back in the day, insolence, bad or cruel behavior was stamped out swiftly, before manifesting itself in a deeper problem later down the track. Parents did not think twice about smacking a kid if they were being a little menace and masterfully executing a smacked bottom. A lot of adults who were raised this way don’t see an issue with it and harbor no resentment towards their parents. But these days, the technique is seen as unnecessary abuse, rather than strict nurturing. As such, creativity in the area of child discipline has emerged as a workaround.

We think of parents washing kids’ mouths out with soap for bad language or threatening to drain an entitled child’s college fund. Whilst it could be argued that such mental anguish is just as abusive, society tends to prefer this method of child-rearing. Then we have the Mavericks. The ones who believe the punishment should fit the crime. In the video below we see an instance of appropriate justice being dealt out by a strict Latin mother.

The backstory is that the little girl kneeling before her has been caught bullying a cancer patient. As such, her mum is about to teach her a lesson she won’t forget by shaving her head. In a classic example of “how do you like it?” justice, the poor girl sobs with remorse as the clippers buzz over her scalp. She has clearly learned her lesson, but the mother isn’t going to leave a job half-done.

The girl clutches for the remnants of her hair whilst crying hysterically. Her hair will take years to regrow and every glance in the mirror til then will remind her of the plight that cancer fighters go through.See the harrowing footage on the player below. Was this an adequate punishment or did mum step over the line?

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