She was warned, Multiple times! BJJ artists puts Hands on Black Neighbor

The beauty of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is that unlike so many other martial arts, even a small amount of training can give you a big advantage in a street fight against someone that has no experience in grappling. Simply knowing when you have the opportunity to lock in a choke can prove invaluable if you find yourself in a physical altercation.

This means that you don’t have to be a member of the Gracie family to benefit from knowing BJJ. While it is always better to train regularly in the art to ensure proper technique and keep yourself safe, a little can really go a long way if you get into a fight. In this video, we see exactly what happens when someone puts their fundamental grappling skills to the test.

In what appears to be an argument between two neighbors, verbal attacks quickly prove futile and the confrontation turns violent. The two female combatants meet on a suburban driveway as the cameraman looks on excitedly. By the time the cameraman has gotten close enough to properly show the fight it is already on the ground. The grappler maintains a dominant position while the girl on the bottom is being peppered with punches.

As the girl on the bottom tries in vain to roll out of the position she is continually caught with a flurry of strikes. After the ground assault subsides, the grappler gets up and hits the other girl with a soccer kick to the head. The two then get caught in an extremely sloppy striking exchange, featuring several instances of hair-pulling.

The grappler then asserts her dominance by dragging the fight back onto the ground and continually slapping the other girl in the head. The fight ends when the grappler walks away after landing another barrage of punches on the now defenceless girl. The neighbor is reportedly a jiu jitsu practitioner, you’d probably have to assume she is a white belt, with possibly one stripe, only demonstrating a strong mount position.

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