Sacramento Police Launch Investigation Into Notorious Gangster Nate Diaz

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department have decided to launch a full scale investigation into UFC superstar Nate Diaz, the man they’re calling a “Notorious Gangster”. The Sheriff’s office claim to have stacks of reports and paperwork on Nate as he’s been subject to countless investigations and his name has came up numerous times over the years.

This past Friday at Combate Americas event in Sacramento, Nate was involved in another altercation with Clay Guida and his friends where Nate allegedly smacked the fire out of a grown man, the police claim to have video evidence and planning to bring charges. TUF 27 contestant and team alpha male member Tyler Diamond took to social media claiming he was the man who was slapped:


Detective Hampton:
“If it is found the victim was assaulted then a warrant request will be completed and submitted to the District Attorney’s office for review,” Hampton said. “The filing decision will be up to the DA.”

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