Robert Whittaker – “It Felt Like I Was Punching And Kicking Steel”


Robert Whittaker Vs. Yoel Romero II is being praised as the greatest MMA fight in the history of the sport.

At 41 years of age, Yoel Romero fought like a Terminator walking through head kicks and heavy strike after heavy strike with zero problems.

Whittaker who eked out the controversial decision, spoke to The Daily Telegraph about his experience with Romero:*&output-quality=55

Robert Whittaker: “I know you probably agree he doesn’t look like a middleweight and I can tell you he doesn’t feel like one either. Except for my face, all the damage on my body is from me hitting him. This time, he felt like steel, I was punching and kicking him but it wasn’t doing any damage. He was walking forward through everything. It was weird.”

Robert Whittaker:  “My shots just weren’t stopping him. I’ve fought everyone in the middleweight division — including Romero previously — and I’ve never seen anything like that. Dunno. Maybe you get stronger as you get older. I assume that’s what happens when you get to your forties …”

Former Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold said something similar after he was KO’D stiff by Romero earlier this year:

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