Retired Irish Boxing Beast STARCHES!! 15 Armed Turks Like An Action Hero!

Istanbul does not have the greatest reputation as a safe place to visit, especially the bazaar. People can get violent if you do not respect their rules and traditions. We have found a video where an Irish tourist is attacked by a Turkish mob.


The tourist is called Mohammed Fadel Dobbous and he was born in Kuwait, but he is an Irish citizen. Apparently, Dobbous was in a corner store in Istanbul and he tried to take a bottle of water from the fridge. Unfortunately, the corner store owner got frustrated because Dobbous knocked over all the bottles in the fridge.


On the video, we can see that the owner attacks Dobbous with a wooden stick. Dobbous defends himself by grabbing the stick and throwing it away. However, a group of people join in and support the store owner. The incident quickly escalates and Dobbous is confronted by an armed Turkish mob.


Surprisingly, Dobbous is able to take on the whole mob. At first, he punches a man and knocks him out. Later the man can be seen walking side-to-side, trying to regain control of himself. After that, two people attack Dobbous, one with a stool, the other with a wooden stick. However, they are not able to bring Dobbous down. Instead, he charges to the mob and throws some punches, hoping that he will hit someone. The whole incident ends quickly. Dobbous fought off the mob, but he still had some injuries.


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