Referee Would Not Stop The Fight, So Tavares Beat The Brakes Off Him.

Aspera, which translates from Spanish as “Rough”, certainly lived up to its name last month when Tavares stepped into the cage. He would walk away as the clear victor over his opponent, winning in just forty-six seconds, but the finish even that early in the round could be deemed too late.

It took only a few seconds for the thirty-three-year-old Brazilian to take Machado to the ground and even less for him to move completely to full mount. You could say this is an indictment on Machado’s ground game, but with five submission victories under his belt during his UFC tenure and thirteen in total, we’re willing to bet it’s more of an indication of just how talented a surgeon Tavares is when it comes to cutting through someone’s guard.

Mario Yamasaki and Steve Mazzagatti were probably loving the action though, as fight fans will remember they have a soft spot for letting fights go a lot longer than they should, though there probably is a point where even some of mixed martial arts most deplorable referees would have stepped in to stop what happened next.

Raining down shot after shot on Machado, Tavares landed over twenty hard, unanswered strikes. Machado would eventually be knocked out, but the referee still would not call a stop to the fight. Frustrated, Tavares would throw his hands up in disgust, throw two more punches and then question the referee once more before the fight was called to a halt and the savage beating of Machado finally ceased.

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