Muay Thai Specialist Eliminates A Threat With 1 Clean Elbow Technique

Muay Thai Specialist Eliminates A Threat With One Clean Elbow

When executed properly, an elbow is one of the most powerful tools in an MMA fighter’s kit. The hard forearm or triceps can be flexed as hard as a fist but uses the fighter’s momentum more efficiently as it is closer to their core. That is why we see the 12-6 elbow used by karate masters to break massive stacks of bricks. It is also partially why the 12-6 elbow, which goes straight up and down recruiting the point of the elbow, is banned under the unified rules of MMA.

The clip below is a demonstration of just how powerful an elbow can be. Used in close quarters, elbow are able to be thrown quickly, without the need for a massive wind up. The video opens with a black guy and a white guy arguing outside a popular night spot. We are told the white guy is in fact highly trained in MMA.

It is a little confusing because the two are engaged in a handshake as they converse. But it doesn’t appear to be an amicable one. As they argue, it is clear the black guy is saying things that the white dude isn’t exactly receptive to, but he is not resorting to violence just yet. Getting closer to the white guy, he get right up in his grill, also using his hands as he speaks. But he goes too far and the white guy snaps.

The white guy throws an elbow out of nowhere, smacking into the black guy’s jaw with amazing precision. The lights go off and the black guy falls to the pavement, totally unconscious. The sickening strike has caught the black guy totally off guard and he saw nothing coming. As he falls backward, his head hits the pavement.

A guy in a red t-shirt comes in to make sure everything is alright, which it isn’t but also prevents the white guy from coming in to belt him again. We don’t know what he said, but it must have been pretty bad to warrant such a strike.

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