MMA Trained Teacher With DEADLY BJJ Skills Forced To Take Out A Bully!

School is an unpredictable place, one minute two students are talking, the next minute they are fighting with their fists. Conflict resolution is one skill every teacher should have, but this teacher decides to do things differently. This video shows two students in an altercation, and one teacher making use of the defensive art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to get these two young men to take a time out. If we are certain about one thing, it’s that you definitely don’t see this every day.

The video starts out with a boy in a gray hoodie standing and chatting with another guy in a dark gray hoodie. Everything seems to be going on fine, and we’re not really sure what happens next, but after a little while, these two dudes start pushing and shoving each other. Things escalate when they start throwing punches and tacking each other to the ground. The guy in the light gray hoodie is holding up very well, as he is getting in some punches while keeping his opponent on lock. The way he has his opponent means that there is no way for him to get free, except somebody handles the situation. At a disadvantage, the student at the bottom is getting punches to the face and every part of his body. The rest of the class who might be behind this are still filming with no one making an effort to help out, instead, you can hear laughing and amiable conversation in the background.

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