Michael “Venom” Page Does It Again! Breaks His Opponents Jaw In 3 Places.



Undefeated Professional Boxer and Kickboxer turned undefeated Bellator MMA superstar Michael “Venom” Page, AKA MVP does it again. This time he managed to get a knockout victory using his elbows from the side mount position shattering Charles Ontiveros jaw in 3 places.





Michael Jerome Reece-Page[2][3] (born 7 April 1987),[4] better known as Michael “Venom” Page, is an English kickboxer, karateka, light heavyweight boxer, and welterweight mixed martial artist of Trinidadian and Jamaican descent.[5][6] He is recognised in the MMA community for his unorthodox fighting style which originated from freestyle kickboxing (points fighting) and sport karate. Page was born in St Mary’s Hospital, London to Curtis Page Sr. and Pauline Reece, who were both Lau Gar kung fu practitioners.


His father hailed from Trinidad while his mother, a nurse, was from Jamaica.[5][6][10] Page is a maternal nephew of Lau Gar Master Stan Brown, who was also the instructor of his father.[11][12] He has nine siblings, three of whom are adopted.[13] Page attended Quintin Kynaston School in St John’s Wood, alongside Olympian judoka Ashley McKenzie.[14][15] He grew up in NW8 near Edgware Road and Lisson Green before moving to W10 near Queen’s Park in 2003.


His father Master Curtis Page Sr. – a three-time kickboxing world champion – was his instructor.[17][18] Of his nine siblings, his sister Sefena and brothers Curtis Jr., Jamie, and Kalon are also kickboxing world champions. Since almost everyone in his family were involved in martial arts, he felt it was natural to follow suit. Page began training in Lau Gar at the age of 3 and competed at his first kickboxing tournament at the age of 5. By the age of 8, he began to devote himself to competition and entered his first international tournament in Germany.


Page won ten world championships in kickboxing – his first was at the US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships 1998[27] in Orlando, Florida[12] when he was 12 years old[28] – and was crowned British champion over twenty-five times.[4] By the age of 13, Page started entering adult competitions. To prepare, he would train five hours a day for five days a week.[30] During tournament days he would often fight up to fourteen times due to competing in three weight classes, and at one point fought twenty-two times in a day across five weight classes.


Another world title win was at the W.A.K.O. World Championships 2007 (Coimbra) where, at the −89 kg semi-contact division, he won the gold medal after defeating Dave Heffernan.[32][33] He also competed at the W.A.K.O. Austrian Classics Worldcup 2008 (Kufstein), winning gold in the −84 kg semi-contact division over Krisztián Jároszkievicz.[34][35] Page returned the following year to win gold at the W.A.K.O. Austrian Classics Worldcup 2009 (Walchsee), placing first in both the −84 kg light-contact and semi-contact divisions, defeating Bojan Miskovic and Zvonimir Gribl respectively.


Page – appointed as the WKA Head Coach[38] – led a team to the WKA World Championships 2009 (Huelva), defeating Ben Stewart to claim gold in the organization’s first semi-contact prize competition[39] and bronze in the −90 kg light-contact division, upon being bested by Tarek Haydar.[2][3] He then participated in the W.A.K.O. World Championships 2009 (Lignano Sabbiadoro) and finished second in the −84 kg semi-contact division, after being defeated by Krisztián Jároszkievicz.

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