Mexican Kid Beats The Brakes Off The Kid Who Tried To Have Him Deported

Sometimes in life, you are confronted with people you just don’t like. You don’t know exactly why you don’t like them, but you don’t and you’re not going to try now. That goes ten-fold for people with white supremacist tendencies. Whether they firmly believe they’re the master race, or they just learned it from their parents, there is no real reason to hate on other ethnicities for the sake of it.

Well, we don’t know why, but the white gentleman in the clip below has it in for the Mexican kid he wants to throw down with and wants to get him deported, according to information submitted to the website FlyHeight. As the clip opens, the two kids are squaring off surrounded by a number of onlookers.

The two are mouthing off at one another but it’s impossible to hear exactly what they are saying over the roar of the crowd and dodgy microphone. The white guy sports a backwards baseball cap, loose jeans and not a great deal of meat on his bones. The Mexican guy is ready to punch on, adopting a strong fighting stance.

He seems like he has had a gutful of all the trash talk coming his way. If the reports are true and the white kid wants him deported, then that’s a fairly racialist slur and one that I know a lot of people would stand up and fight against. Then it happens. Out of nowhere the white kid says something that really flips a switch in the Mexican guy, he fires off a single right hand that smacks into the white kid’s jaw.

He hangs there for a moment before falling backwards and smacking the back of his head into the pavement. For a moment we think he is cooked, but he doesn’t stay down for long. Rising to his feet, but very groggy, he stands to face the Mexican bloke, backed by one of his goons who has come to join the party. But any hopes of a three-way throw down are dashed when the Mexican bloke does the mature thing and walks away.

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