Massive Bully Gets MELTED By A Skater Half His Size – Leaves Him Leaking

Boxing rings and MMA cages both have a small amount of padding on the floor. The idea is that if you get knocked out in a boxing ring then at least you won’t suffer further damage when hitting the mat.

Fighting in the street does not offer such luxuries. If you find yourself swinging hands in the street then you could be on the receiving end of a concrete faceplant. And the worst time to get a concussion is when you are already concussed.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that a skatepark is a bad location to stage a fight. Filled with concrete, there isn’t gonna be much protection if you happen to get hit a little too hard.

Which is exactly what happens in this video. It appears that the guy in white has been talking smack to the guy in black. “I heard that you punked me and s**t. That’s what I heard. That’s what I heard.”

“What would you do If I was talking behind your back? Wouldn’t you want to fight me?” “You wanna go?” As a result of that provocation, the fight begins. As the guy in white charges forward swinging wild punches it is clear that he has no fighting experience and could be in for a rough time. The flurry of wild punches all miss, and the skater in black consistently nails him with hard counters.

After a series of hard shots on the ground, the skater lets the overmatched guy in white up. Clearly not content with the beating he has already received, white shirt aimlessly charges forward once more. This time he is caught clean with a hard shot, completing faceplanting him onto the ground. The skater lands one more heavy strike before showing some mercy and giving white shirt some good advice.

“Stay the f**k down, b*tch.” Hopefully, now white shirt white shirt will realise that it’s probably not a good idea to start a fight you can’t finish.

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