Man Channels His Inner Ronda Rousey and Judo Slam KO’s A Woman To Sleep

The advent of the internet has brought people around the world together, led to greater international communication and trade, and advanced humanity in innumerable ways. It has also popularized online trolling. In this video, Morgan appears to have been talking smack online about Holly online, leading to her confronting him outside his house. The conflict starts out harmlessly enough, with Holly berating him for his internet antics, before Morgan calmly asks her to leave his residence.

“I don’t want you on my property so leave.” Seems pretty innocuous so far. Like so many arguments however, it doesn’t take long until both parties provoke one another to raise the intensity level of the argument, eventually becoming physical. Holly demands an apology for Morgan’s online antics: “Why the f**k would I leave, f**king apologise then, (you) called me a f**king bitch and a f**king c**t Holly then moves towards Morgan as he reiterates: “Get the f**k out of my face, bruh.”

The two the come together as Holly hurls abuse at the hapless troll, kicking him directly in the crown jewels. As all men can attest, this can do sufficient damage to complete immobilisation, but Morgan stays standing and decides to fight fire with fire. Grabbing Holly by her head and arm like an experienced judoka, Morgan channels his inner Ronda Rousey executing a painful-looking hip toss onto the concrete below. Holly’s friends immediately come to the aid of their now-concussed companion, swarming Morgan while attempting to get male onlookers to attack Morgan for his violent act.

“What the f**k bro, one of you motherf**king pussies hit him.” Seemingly content that Morgan’s actions, while severe, were justified in self-defence, none of the bystander’s jump to the girls aid and attack. To summarise, we’re all for equality here at Raw Daily, and while neither Holly or Morgan exactly cover themselves with glory, it’s probably fair to say that responding to a weak teep to the nuts, with an Olympic style body-slam is a little excessive.

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