Kid Gets Teeth Shattered By Brass Knuckles For Saying He’s An MMA Fighter

In this absolutely sickening video, 16-year-old Kane Millsaps from Conway, Arkansas, can be seen repeatedly punching a 12-year-old boy with brass knuckles.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by Millsaps himself, on May 31st, the day that the attack took place.

The victim’s family showed the footage to local police the next day and Millsaps was arrested on June 2nd. Amazingly, he pled not guilty to first-degree battery and possessing an instrument of crime. In the 23-second clip,

Millsaps can be seen talking with a girl who is trying to talk him out of attacking the 12-year-old. She tells him “you don’t have to do this,” but Millsaps is having none of it.


He shoves the girl away, flips off the camera and sucker punches the victim from behind.

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