Karate Specialist Throws Hands With A Boxer In Street Fight Of The Year




When we think of schoolyard fights, it’s usually the boys getting involved. It’s generally seen as a common rite of passage that boys learn how to settle their differences with their fists, encircled by their friends who encourage them.The same group-raising technique has been seen in many tribal cultures around the world since cavemen roamed the globe. But in the below video, it’s the girls’ turn! And by gee, don’t they hold their own just like the blokes!


You wouldn’t want to stand in the way of either of these young women, they both pack a serious punch. What we have in the video below is a schoolyard fight between a boxer and a karate fighter. The mismatch in styles is one we see fairly commonly in MMA circles, but we have it in a raw form here. It seems that the two haven’t had much experience fighting or defending against the other style, so it makes for great viewing. The boxer’s classic hunched stance is made for power and the woman is built like a boxer too. The karate fight is taller, lankier and has great flexibility which allows her to fight from a safe distance. Her natural flexibility sees many of her kicks fly to face height with ease.


As the clip opens, she goes on the offensive immediately. The boxer is able to defend most of the strikes, but a few slip through, giving her the upper hand early on. The boxer gets close on a few occasions but it seems like the karate fighter is well on top. The crowd that has assembled eggs the two on as they circle, and dance around the carpark where the fight takes place. But as the karate fighter senses an opportunity to put the boxer on her ass, the boxer manages to grab hold of her and turn the striking fight into a wrestle.


The crowd lifts a notch as the two engage and grapple. But then some un-sportswoman-like behavior takes place. The boxer grabs hold of a fist full of the karate fighter’s hair and uses that to leverage her to the asphalt. It’s a dog move that sees the crowd erupt and intervene. Rightfully so, the fight was fair up until then, and you can’t have people fighting dirty! Check out the startling action on the player below.

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