Karate Expert Delivers JUSTICE To Dude Trying To Rob A Street Beggar



It’s hard to think about being homeless. When we pass a homeless person on the street we often wonder what happened in the poor person’s life to get them to that point. Regardless of whether the person is now addicted to drugs or alcohol, in all but a small portion of cases, something has happened in the person’s life that was a turning point to a downward spiral. Often homeless people are dismissed as a nuisance and dehumanized.



Other times a few bucks may be slung their way. But regardless of our thoughts on the situation, the homeless are still human beings and deserve a modicum of respect. The video below shows a total lack of respect shown by a man towards a homeless person. As the footage, shot by a tourist, opens the man stands over a beggar berating him.



It is unclear what exactly what is being said, if the two men know each other or whether the homeless man has done anything to warrant such a tongue-lashing. But as the video progresses, we see the man slap the beggar, not once, but twice. They are hard slaps too. The beggar doesn’t defend himself and the whole situation is very sad to see. But as with all bullies, they only respond to strength.


And since the beggar was unable to stand up to the bully, it was up to another member of the public, with a little compassion to step in. Well, more like fly in. In an instant, we see a figure flash into frame executing a perfect shotgunning fly kick that lands right in the bully’s chest. The graceful, powerful kick sends the bully flying at lightning speed backwards, straight into a concrete wall. Whilst the kick stopped the bully from being an asshole, his head appears to crash into the wall pretty damn hard, and he lays motionless on the ground afterwards, out cold. Check out the dramatic vision below.

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