Joe Rogan: “Ngannou should ditch the UFC Performance Center join a real gym”


On the latest episode of “The MMA Show” with Joe Rogan, the comedian goes against his bosses and begs for heavyweight contender to abandon the UFC Performance Institute and join a real camp like American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). Check it out.

“He tried to take Stipe out in the first round. His thought was that Stipe’s not going to be able to survive,” Rogan said in a recent edition of his podcast. “[But] he doesn’t know how to wrestle that well.”

“Stipe was a very good college wrestler and obviously a bad motherf****r. He took some hard shots too but that’s the thing about Stipe. It’s not just that he knows how to fight, he’s just f*****g tough.

“I thought it’s very possible Francis could win this fight, he’s just so scary. I’ve never seen anyone that’s so terrifying with one punch.”

“You watch the training camps with Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold and Cain Velasquez, there’s a reason why those guys are so goddamn good because iron sharpens iron,” Rogan added.

“Those guys are in there, world champions going at it with each other on a daily basis and because of that, that’s what turned them into those f*****g monsters that they are today.

“Francis is just a physical freak but if he was in that camp? Holy s**t. One camp in San Jose has some of the best fighters that have ever done the sport.”

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