Joe Rogan Gets BITCH TOSSED By Mark Coleman Backstage!


However, at the end of it all, we are talking about a former heavyweight champion as his opponent. As it turned out (unsurprisingly for the most part), that Rogan was not matched for Mark Coleman when the 2 decide to have a go at the fighting while hanging out backstage during a UFC event.


Rogan had commented how strong the former champion had felt and was held back against a wall. Things heated up a little when Rogan arm dragged the veteran and put his back, following which Coleman casually put him in his place.

Coleman is a professional through and through and was a part of both the Octagon as well as the Japanese FC. He started his career with the UFC 10 and ended it in 2010 with the UFC 109. He won the heavyweight belt in the UFC 11 tournament after defeating professionals like Brian Johnston, who was made to submit 2 minutes into the fight and Julian Sanchez, whom he beat via choke. With fights like these under his belt (quite literally), he is indeed someone to be feared.

While it is true that Coleman has long left the professional field of fighting, once a champion is always a champion. And while Rogan might be associated with the UFC, he is still no match for the former heavyweight champion. As they say, it is not a good idea to go up against the professionals, something Joe Rogan learned the hard way.

Watch the 2 of them duke it out below.

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