“Jacksons MMA is a Steroid haven” – A USADA exposé starring Holly Holm.



Jackson’s Winklejon MMA camp in Albuquerque New Mexico was once considered one of the greatest camps in all of MMA. But since the UFC employed USADA to save the sport from Steroids, the team has lost 88% of their UFC fights and is also home to a staggering amount of USADA anti-doping violations as this one team has more violations than any team in the sport combined. A reddit user took the time to compile a list from 2017 alone showing that the once most dominating team had an abysmal year with only 9 wins and 37 losses for the year. A new documentary has been released with some very bold claims about UFC contender Holly Holm who is also on USADA’s short list of fighters who don’t pass the eye test. Check it out.

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