It’s called ‘Brazilian Twister’ and it has taken the world by storm

Overseas TV looks like something I could watch for days on end. Every so often a clip from a crazy Japanese show will pop up on the old news feed and I’ll sit there, enthralled by people in Velcro suits being catapulted at a target or something. It’s bloody creative and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

The fact that I don’t know what the f*ck the commentators are on about just adds to the experience. The clip below is from Brazil: a country known for celebrating the body in all its curvaceous greatness. The show looks to be some sort of sports-themed variety show hosted by a bald man in a suit with three-quarter pants on. They say fashion comes around every few years, but it is good to see there is someone ahead of the curve on the international stage, willing to get the pins out for the viewers’ pleasure.

And speaking of, the other hostesses appear to have it going on as well: short skirts, revealing tops and done up to the nines. It doesn’t look like that television network enforces any dress code whatsoever. The content of the show is what we came here for. As the video opens, there are two attractive models dressed in stylized Brazilian soccer team uniforms.

The sway in limelight showing off the bodies they no doubt spend hours in the gym creating. Before them lies a giant twister board with With World Cup Nations on the circles. The host spins a matching wheel that denotes where the women have to place their hands and feet.

Now we have all been at parties where someone drunkenly whips off their top and cracks out the olive oil and a Twister board. But this is next level. The camerawork is not shy at all as the women get into a knotted mess, showing the action from all the marvelous angles. Pretty sure if your knees touch the mat, you’re out, love!

Pretty sure if your knees touch the mat, you’re out, love! But, as if the action couldn’t get any hotter, the show returns with four women in the Brazilian away strip! And so the question, ‘what’s better than two near-naked models playing Twister?’ is answered. Check out the heat below, and while you’re at it, here is Ozzy’s latest Mega Compilation.

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