Irish Bouncer With Conor McGregor Like Hands Takes Out Multiple Attackers

Bouncers are hired for a reason, which is to prevent any problems from happening in places like clubs or bars. It’s quite unfortunate when people think they can go against the bouncer’s instructions because they always pay the price. These two young men definitely deserved what they got, even if they were drunk. 


The video starts off with an amicable ambiance as two men try to get into the bar. The bouncer doesn’t let them and at first, they play it cool, still trying to gain entrance into the building. This proves effortless, so they decide to go in guns blazing and fists clenched. The first time they try getting the bouncer to back down, they get knocked to the ground but this does not stop them as they quickly get up for round two. This doesn’t seem like a fair fight, with two men relentlessly looking for loopholes, but they are drunk so this makes them a bit uncoordinated.

The first man tries to land a punch on the bouncer with some bouncy front step, back step movements similar to a boxer. His fancy footwork doesn’t get him anywhere as he is knocked out cold on the ground which is great really because he can’t cause problems for anyone. The second person is being a bit cautious now as his friend has just been knocked out. He, however, doesn’t want to get punched as well so he’s trying as possible not to get too close. He finally gives up any hope of beating up the bouncer and spits at him, which causes the bouncer to move forward as if he might just get in another punch. The bouncer is brought to order by someone who tries to calm him down.

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