Insane Battle Between A Muay Thai Expert & A Violent Street Thug.

Street fighters do not do well against mixed martial artists. Very often some amateur will pick an argument with the wrong guy and then later regrets it. MMA professionals have an advantage in street fights, they are properly trained and are very good wrestlers.


Mixed martial artist Ben “Bad News” Lagman and street brawler Jamaican Rudeboy are an example to the previous statement. Apparently, Ben Lagman and Jamaican Rudeboy met in Satan’s Backyard to sort things out. Satan’s Backyard is an organization that is created for argument resolving in an MMA fight.

We do not know the reason why Lagman and Rudeboy are fighting, but we have a video of the whole fight.

From the video, we can see that Jamaican Rudeboy has experience in street fights, but he is still an amateur. However, Ben Lagman is a mixed martial artist with a lot of experience in fighting. Before the fight starts, Jamaican Rudeboy shows how rude he can be and takes a long time to fix his socks. While Rudeboy is fixing his socks, a friend of his says: “you gotta watch out for the hold.”


Ben “Bad News” Lagman starts the fight in an aggressive mode. While holding a tight guard, Legman kicks Rudeboy in the leg and jabs him in the face. Then Lagman performs another kick, but Rudeboy catches his leg. At this point, the wrestling starts. While Lagman has his opponent in a headlock, he tries to kick him with his knee.

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