Grown Man Bull Rushes A 14-Year Old And Gets Eliminated By The Kid.

Most people are familiar with the sight of teenage thugs loitering around commercial areas where they can get up to no good. Most people are also smart enough to leave them alone and refrain from provoking them. Those who don’t abide by that principle run the risk of suffering a beat down.

Just ask the old bloke in this vicious footage from somewhere in the US.

It’s not exactly clear how it starts, but it escalates quickly. The dopey-looking kid dragging on a cigarette seems to be minding his own business (although, there’s a reason someone is filming so there must be some backstory we’re not aware of) when the older bloke asks him if he’s slow and wrestles him to the ground.

This sparks the ‘slow’ kid – and more importantly, his friend – into action. Before the altercation even begins, another teenage thug cheap shots the older guy right in the back of the head. It’s a proper coward punch and it makes a considerable thud. Fortunately, another guy comes across and seems to intercept the coward, allowing the fight to continue.

From there, the fracas follows a predictable course. The older bloke who instigated the fight is a lot heavier and slower than his younger opponent is. The kid continues to taunt and mock the heftier combatant and – for the most part – avoid taking any significant blows. He does, however, land a few of his own.

Eventually, another group of blokes intervene in the hope of breaking up the fight. Despite that, the young, ‘slow’ kid still manages to land a few more wild punches before he and his mates are shepherded away.

They don’t leave without some ‘Friday’ style catcalls though and in the aftermath, a lady who appears to be the older bloke’s wife or sister asks the cameraman why he’s recording this shit.

The answer is simple. “He just got beat up by a little kid. You let him get beat up by a little kid.”

The moral behind this one is simple really. Mind your own business and don’t start fights unless you know you have what it takes to win.

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