Gangster Rapper Takes Out His Girlfriend When Confronted About Cheating.

Popular Chicago gangster rapper Rico Recklezz is in big trouble with the law after a video went viral on Instagram showing him arguing with his girlfriend. She allegedly confronts him about cheating on her and knocks the drink out of his hand, this is where things take a seriously dark turn.



Rico Recklezz (Born Ronnie Ramsey) is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Recklezz is a gang member affiliated with the Black P Stone Nation in Chicago and is with 075 Wuga World. During an interview Rico explained why his name is spelled with 2 zzs by saying “I’m Rico Recklezz man, with 2 zzs cause I’ll put a n*gga to sleep real quick”. Rico has released numerous mixtapes which include ‘Recklezz Conduct’, ‘Battlefield’, ‘Rico Dont Shoot Em’ and ‘Realer Than Wordz’ among others. Rico Reck.

In 2013, Rico Recklezz was sent to jail for unlawful use of a weapon. While filming a video in Englewood, Chicago, Rico along with some other individuals were using real guns for the video, the police were tipped off and soon showed up on the set to arrest Rico Recklezz along with Sheldon Cobb, and Rayvon Lollis. Rico Recklezz is originally from 35th and Lakepark (Lowend area) , a Black P Stone stronghold. He’s an insane Black P Stone member of Wuga World which is a Gangster Disciples set. Wuga World is an ally of Bricksquad (GDs) which is Lil Jojo’s gang. In an interview with Vlad TV, Rico claimed Jojo is heavily responsible for his decision to rap.

Lil Durk, a Black Disciple gang member from Lamron, famously dissed both gangs in his song, L’s Anthem, in which Lil Durk rapped “Bricksquad I said f*ck em, Wugaworld with em so f*ck em.” Recklezz claims that this song is what motivated Lil Jojo to put out “BDK (3hunnak),” a diss song aimed at rival Black Disciples gangs and rappers. Lil Jojo was later gunned down following the song. Recklezz claims it doesn’t matter what gang an individual claims, as long as they’re real and not opps, he can get along with them.

Ewol Samo, a Black Disciples gang member from Trigga Town, is Rico’s blood cousin. Ewol’s gang is currently feuding with Lil Flip’s gang, MBAM, a GD set. Following some altercations that have been kept private between the two gangs and MBAM Flip saying “F*ck Manky,” Ewol and Lil Flip had a confrontation which resulted in Lil Flip getting jump. Manky was a fellow member of Ewol’s gang that passed away. The story goes Ayoo KD got a call to do a feature, on his way to do the feature with his trusted buddy Jojo Capone, he picked up Lil Flip. When they got to the location it became clear it was a setup, Ewol and company came out with 30s and then proceeded to lecture Lil Flip and Ayoo KD about disrespecting his gang and Rico Recklezz.

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