Game Of Thrones “The Mountain” Vs 2x World Champion Goes Terribly Wrong..


Hafþór Júlíus Bjornson, famously known for his role in the game of thrones issues a challenge to an arm wrestling profession who has won not just one, but two arm-wrestling titles. Bjornson plays Ser Gregor Clegane in the game of thrones and is well known for his size, strength, and prowess in battle. His warrior-like appearance makes him seem intimidating, and while his character is gruesome and terror like in his strength, it remains to be seen as to whether the same drive will show itself in this match. Apart from his captivating role in the most-watched series in the world, this strongman from Iceland holds the title for the strongest man in Europe. Hafþór, also known as the mountain in the prolific series is four inches taller and two hundred pounds heavier than the champion, so it would seem that this is a done deal, and the match has ended before it even begins.

The match went on for about one minute with Bjornson weighing 419lbs and Larratt weighing 225 pounds, testing out their strengths and working out the kinks to determine which strategy would win them the match. They wrestled for a total of three times, with Larratt winning each round. Larratt proves that this is more than strength as he manages to hold his ground as Bjornson tries to move his arm to steal a win.

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