“Floyd Didn’t Train For Conor McGregor, Literally Came Off The Street.”


During the entire lead up to Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s super fight with UFC two division champion Conor McGregor, no footage could be found of Floyd in the gym training, instead he was seen at his Miami vacation home partying with friends, bowling alleys, casinos, golf courses, etc. Floyd even traveled to California 5 days before the fight to be on Jimmy Kimmell live and spent the entire fight week at his strip club in Las Vegas until 3-4 in the morning, even on the night before the fight. Floyd was eating cheeseburgers and fried chicken on film up until the day of the bout.


Members of his camp claimed that he only sparred once the entire camp and blamed it on his “brittle hands”. Well, in a recent interview his father Floyd Sr. revealed what was really going up during his training camp. Check it out.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.
“Floyd would have stopped him a lot earlier if he worked even a little bit.

“Floyd did not train for that fight – he literally whooped that boy, that’s what he did.


“Just imagine if my son would have prepared and would have trained the way he normally would for a fight, he would have stopped him even sooner.

“What the world saw was only 50 per cent of what my son is capable of doing. Yes, you can say it was like he literally came of the street to beat the man, that’s how good my son is.”

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