Feminist Warrior Gets Knocked Out Twice For Pepper Spraying Samoan Beast.


Most people are raised with the mantra, ‘you don’t hit women’ planted firmly and fairly on the top of the non-negotiable morals and ethics in life. For some people – arguably those who are raised correctly – that means you NEVER hit a woman, but unfortunately for the militant feminist in this video, she’s found one of the men who does think there’s an exception. From an ivory tower, this is one of those all-too-common internet videos where no one walks away with the moral high ground and the people involved are shown up as a generally loose collective of horrible individuals, but it does raise the question; at what point, if any, is it right to strike any other person and if you’re required to and have obvious physical superiority, should you subdue rather than strike?


First though, some background: this video apparently takes place at a university and a gang of femininjas have attacked a group of guys who purport to have been unfairly targeted. When the video opens, chaos has taken over the street. The femininjas, wearing ski masks and armed with pepper spray and batons, aggressively confront the men. Then one of them sprays the assembled group. Pepper spray is nasty stuff. Obviously. To cop a face-full of it for no reason other than having a penis would certainly be enough to infuriate most people.


There’s no doubt the girl needs to be subdued – and probably even charged for assault – but what happens next makes the morals of everyone in this video seem a little compromised to say the least. Big guy in white obviously missed the lesson about hitting girls. The girl with the pepper spray is quickly wrestled to the ground. The guy who’s wrestled her down is struck in the back of the head with a baton and a general fracas breaks out. Then a big boy comes in singing, landing a couple of sweet punches on the masked crowd – one of which hits the girl who initiated the fight with her pepper spray assault.


This is where the guys lose any kudos. Generally speaking, the masked group wearing all black is never going to be perceived as doing the right thing. If cartoons and movies have taught us anything, this is the uniform of choice for henchmen and lackies everywhere. The second punch really is overkill. This dude is one of the biggest at the scene and it’s fair to say the femininjas were already fairly chastised for their actions. You really can’t help but feel he needs to go back to basics. He could have easily subdued the girl and held her until police arrived. But then again, if people are going to attack purportedly innocent civilians, they have to be aware that not everyone is going to play nice – and many will seek to defend themselves with little regard for the rules of etiquette.

She looks like a footsoldier once the TMNT are finished with them. You can watch the rest of the battle and resulting discussion for yourself. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are. Where is the line? How could the big guy have finished this with a bit more class? I’d suggest that simply holding her down would have easily done the trick.

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