Fans Jump Kickboxer In The Ring After Brutal Cheap Shot!
On the main card of Glory Kickboxing 42 Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grogian fought in an incredible back and forth war before all hell broke loose. Towards the end of the final round, Groenhart landed a vicious knee on Grogian. Groenhart thought the round was over and began to walk back to his corner with his back turned to his opponent. That’s rule number 1 in fight sports, never take your eyes off your opponent especially if the round is not over.

Groenhart proceeds to follow Grogian to his corner and hits him with a vicious right hook that Groenhart had no idea was coming as his back was turned sending him crashing to the mat unconscious. Groenhart took to the corner post to celebrate his knockout victory right before fans charged the ring and started beating the crap out of Groenhart. Check It Out.

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