Ex-UFC Star Melvin Guillard Knocks 2 Guys & 1 Girl Out Cold At A Bar

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Former UFC lightweight contender Melvin Guillard’s career has taken something of a turn for the worst in recent years. The American fighter made his mark on the MMA scene by appearing on the second series of The Ultimate Fighter, and once owned a 5 fight win streak in the UFC and was on the cusp of a title shot before losing to Joe Lauzon. Famous for his dyed blond hair and unfathomable knockout power, Guillard earned a reputation as one of the most exciting fighters in the lighter weight classes of the UFC and still owns the record for most lightweight knockouts in the organization with 8.

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Since his release from the company in 2014 however, Guillard seems to be struggling to live up to his former glories. Since his release, he has missed weight a total of 6 times and has fought as high as middleweight. This downturn is also reflected in his recent results. In 10 fights since being released from the UFC Guillard has won 1 lost 8 and had a no contest after a failing a post-fight drug test. Guillard has also recently been competing in bare-knuckle boxing, losing a BKB title fight to Jimmy Sweeny.

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It seems the American is also now getting into trouble outside the cage as footage obtained by TMZ Sports shows Guillard engaging in a fight in a bar. It isn’t clear what causes the altercation, but the blonde hair of Guillard is unmistakable as he is seen before the melee. The brawl begins in an instant as Guillard punches a guy walking towards him. Then after that guy retreats, Guillard lands two hard strikes on another dude knocking him completely unconscious before he even hits the ground.

A woman appears to try and attack Guillard after, to which he responds with throwing punches at her too. A Denver Police Department spokesperson told TMZ Sports that the former UFC star was identified by multiple witnesses and that a warrant is currently out for his arrest.

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