Evil ‘Purge Clown’ With Baseball Bat Gets Eliminated By An MMA Fighter


In the run-up to last years Halloween, people have been dressing up as scary clowns in an attempt to terrorize unsuspecting victims on the street. The Clown Purge (named so after the movie The Purge) craze began in the United States after people started posting pictures on social media of menacing looking clowns roaming the streets. It has since spread to Australia, with people posting pictures of marauding clowns holding various weapons in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. The aim is to scare onlookers but occasionally people react badly to these menacing masked men and that’s when all hell breaks loose.


A dude dressed up as a clown was recently attacked by a man after he and his friends saw him walking down the street with a baseball bat. The men were driving back home after a night on the town and spotted the clown at around 2am on Sunday while driving through Parramatta, a suburb in the west of Sydney. The video, recorded on the vehicle’s dash-cam, shows the driver pull a U-turn and ask “is he walking towards us?”. A passenger says “oi, Jeremy, get him!” and the driver agrees, telling Jeremy to “bash the c*nt!” The car pulls over and (presumably) Jeremy gets out and can be seen ordering the clown to place the bat on the ground. When he does so, Jeremy runs over and kicks and punches him to the ground.


The clown’s mask and wig fall off during the attack and he is left crouching on the grass and holding his head in agony. The men then speed off laughing, saying “let’s get out of here!”. Coulrophobia is an irrational fear of clowns but I think we probably need a new word for an irrational hatred of them. Personally, I think these guys probably went a bit far, here; this kid was probably enjoying the anonymity of the mask and felt tough for the first time in his life but then these lads went and ruined it for him. One thing’s for sure, though; he won’t be pulling that stunt again anytime soon!

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