Dude gets smacked and man handled for cutting the line in Detroit

The British are known For their ability to queue patiently. It is the right thing to do and displays a great deal of self-control. The Americans, on the other hand, Are known for their inability to stand in line. In fact, that is why there is such good customer service in the United States: ample staff on hand to reduce queues. We all know that cutting in line at a bar is a dog act that really can’t be tolerated by any self-respecting patron. So it is always deserved when these lowlives get what is coming to them!

The trouble is that once an argument breaks out in line, invariably, the bouncers will pounce on the opportunity to evict all parties involved. They don’t seem to care who is right and who is wrong, or about potential revenue for the establishment. They are more focused on keeping trouble to a minimum and everyone safe.

We see here a blatant abuse of etiquette that gets swiftly dealt with by fellow patrons. There is a line for drinks at a bar and a white guy has cut in front of thirsty others waiting for drinks. This won’t be tolerated by the black guy who tells him in no uncertain terms to get back in line. He is held back by a woman who doesn’t want to see things escalate. She knows he knows how to handle himself and doesn’t want to see the white boy killed.


As push comes to shove the black dude shows considerable restraint, only using an open hand to annihilate the white guy. The first slap is brutal, sending him flying. A subsequent retaliation from the white guy is easily dealt with again and he eventually gives in. This fight is not one he wants to have. He returns to the bar to try to obtain his drink. He will need a fair bit of luck though. The bar staff have seen the entire thing unfold.  He even pretends like he has the right to do it after being told to leave multiple times.

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