Driver Retaliates on a Guy Who is Blocking the Road

Drivers running over pedestrians is always a controversial subject. Somehow drivers are always at fault. People do not think that the pedestrians can be unaware on the road.


However, we found a video where pedestrians are at fault and they do not get away with it.

Apparently, a guy who is walking and his friend who is driving a bicycle walk in the middle of the street. The driver is driving slowly behind them and honks at them to move. But the man who is walking and the man on the bicycle ignore the driver and continue to walk in the middle of the road.


The driver strays to the right a little in order to pass them. While he is straying he tells them to get away from the street. Surprisingly, the man who is walking decides to insult the driver repeatedly. Of course, the driver is angered by the insult and wants to retaliate. His friend tells him to make a U-turn and get back to the pedestrians.

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