Don’t Mess With Big, Bad Maxim Novoselov

Maxim novoselov, an inmate in a Russian prison is widely respected by his fellow prison inmates as well as the guards and rightly so because his hard demeanor is backed up by his ability to throw down when it matters most. Brimming with potential, it is likely that he would have been a household name around the world of combat sports if he didn’t have to serve two prison terms.

A former European combat sambo champion, who has also had a taste of the MMA world, he was certain to have gone a long way with the right kind of training. Slipping into the scene of martial mixed arts in 2004, he has had a total of 5 professional fights in the space of six years, winning two, losing two and drawing one.

It is quite difficult to determine the reason he went to jail the first time, as Russian sources are a bit vague about this piece of information, but sources say he was a military man who went against the rules by committing murder so he had to serve his sentence in a prison cell. After he had been released from prison, he refused to accept that his prison sentence was justice, and he once told a Russian newspaper that being in prison was a mistake. We aren’t sure why he would say this, as he didn’t provide details, but either way, he was well on his way to turning things around.

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