Disturbing Footage Of Bodybuilder ‘Roid Rage Hulk’ Smashing His Girlfriend

Despite the attack which almost killed her, Perry asked prosecutors to drop charges against Bashi (whose mug shot is seen above)

35 year old bodybuilder Paul Bashi was arrested by Macomb County, Michigan authorities last month for savagely beating and stabbing his girlfriend.

Horrific video has emerged showing a bodybuilder viciously beat his girlfriend in a jealous rage before stabbing her

Bashi was caught on cameras commuting these horrible acts on his girlfriend who nearly died after the incident.

The video also shows Bashi leave the room multiple times. ¿He's opening another drawer, grabbing another knife,¿ Mclean said

Bashi’s girlfriend, 22 year old Kristina Perry was seen being kicked more than 100 times and repeatedly stabbed spent days in a coma after the attack.

Perry is seen above during her boyfriend's court appearance in Macomb County

After waking up from the coma, Perry has been begging prosecutors to dismiss the charges as she believes the beating was her fault.

She asked prosecutors to dismiss the charges and free Bashi from jail, claiming that she was at fault for provoking the beating

Bashi, who is in jail on $5million bond, is charged with attempted murder. Check it out:

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