Cop Promises ‘No Arrest’ And Throws Hands With A Suspect In The Hood

They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em! Cops get a bad rap around the neighborhood for over policing non-issues and ignoring those that are too tough to handle. But as this cop discovered, sometimes you catch more flies with honey. After being repeatedly called to scenes of loitering, public nuisance and trespass, this cop had had enough of telling gangs to move on.

The ‘us vs them’ mentality was proving to be useless, with the issues not going away. So what is a cop to do when he is charged with keeping the peace but having no luck? He turns to peace by force. But in a nice way. This cop was driving through the neighborhood and noticed a group of boys that he had dealt with multiple times before.

They had with them a couple of sets of boxing gloves and were punching it out in public. Hey, at least they had gloves! After hearing the wail of the siren and seeing the cop pull over, they must have rolled their eyes at the prospect of being told off once again. But the cop had other ideas on his mind, requesting to be gloved up himself and to take on the leader of the pack.

Excited by the novelty, the boys did just that and got themselves into good viewing position, hoping to see the cop get his ass handed to him. But we learn pretty quickly that the cop can seriously handle himself. He lands some decent hits and gets a few in return. At the end of the day, the two shake hands and the officer receives multiple fist bumps from those around him.

The gesture was one of reconciliation. They say that people are far more likely to do things for people they know rather than strangers. Now that this cop is a known and friendly face, the kids feel they have an ally in the force and that police are there to protect rather than squash their fun.

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