Conor McGregor “I Am The Modern Bruce Lee”

UFC two division champion Conor McGregor is widely considered the greatest fighter of all times.

Conor looked up to Bruce Lee his entire life and modeled his life and career according to his philosophies.

Before fighting with the greatest boxer in the history of planet earth, Conor went on the Conan show and said this about his game plan and style:

“I will go in and dismantle [Mayweather] at his own game. That’s what a true martial artist can do — they can adapt under any circumstance,” he said. “Bruce Lee said, ‘Be like water.’ When water enters a cup, it becomes the cup. That’s the philosophy I have going into this contest. It doesn’t matter what rule set or stipulations they try and put on me. I can adapt and overcome any situation.”

Now Conor is returning to the spotlight to face the feared Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 6th and Conor posted this message claiming the title of the Modern Bruce Lee:

“First it was Bruce Lee. Now it is Conor Mac,” Conor McGregor on Twitter. (Photo: @TheNotoriousMMA)

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